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Missie Parker

Membership Director


Dress code

Dress Code Guidelines for the Club

The following dress code reflects the spirit of our Club and works to ensure a wonderful and respectful experience for all who enjoy the Club. We expect that Members and their guests dress in a tasteful and respectable manner.  All dining venues require Club Casual dress (unless otherwise specified). Neatness in dress is always a prerequisite and extremely important. The following applies to all individuals ages 5 and up.

Male Club Casual:
All shirts must have a collar or mock collar. Dress pants or golf pants permitted.  Traditional Bermuda shorts are permitted. Lounge and Terrace only. All hats, visors and caps must be removed. Cargo pants, cargo shorts, athletic shorts, jean shorts and workout clothes are prohibited. All shoes must be closed-toe, flip flops are prohibited. A collared shirt neatly tucked in or appropriately tailored shirt (such as “UNTUCKit” or “Tommy Bahama” styles) may be worn not tucked in.  

Female Club Casual:
Traditional Bermuda shorts, golf skirts, and culottes must be fingertip length as measured while standing. Cargo pants, cargo shorts athletic shorts, and sweat clothes (including yoga pants) are prohibited. Appropriate open toe shoes and sandals are welcome. Flip flops are prohibited. 
Special Event Attire:  
Certain events, when noted, may require male Members, male guests and male children, 16 and older, to wear a jacket and tie. Member parties and functions will specify appropriate attire.  
Relaxed Dress Code:  
The dress code may be relaxed in the case of special parties (e.g., a costume party) or events, but only when the announcement of such events specifies that the dress may vary from the customary policy. Men's hats may not be worn. Athletic wear, hoodies, long or short cargo pants and spandex are not permitted. Members should inform their guest of proper dress code in advance. 
Denim Policy:  
Unless otherwise specified, properly fitted neat denim pants that are not faded, torn, tattered or have holes may be worn in all areas of the Club.  
No bathing attire is permitted in the Club. 
Medical Professionals:  
Scrubs are not permitted in the Club. 
Military and First Responders: 
We greatly appreciate our service men and women along with our first responders all are welcome in the club in their uniform.